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"Artletik's purpose is to cultivate empowering environments that encourage expression and unity. We aim to nurture personal development, enhance emotional well-being and establish a sustainable model for vibrant community connections."


Crystal McDougle


Discover a multifaceted approach to wellness and community. 

Welcome to ARTLETIK LLC, where we offer a holistic and liberation-focused approach to creativity coaching and therapy. At ARTLETIK the goal is to empower individuals to embrace their creativity, overcome obstacles, and make a positive impact in their communities. We believe that mental health is deeply connected to social, cultural, and political contexts, and we aim to empower our clients to navigate these challenges. Whether you're an artist looking to connect deeper to your creativity or an athlete seeking mental health support, we are here to help you thrive! 

Audio Equipment


Embrace your creativity and reclaim your well-being through coaching, counseling and community. 

Creative coaching for performing artists and creatives

As a performing artist or creative your creativity is at the core of your craft. Creativity coaching is designed to help you not only embrace your creative potential but also navigate the unique challenges you may face as an artist in a world that often stifles creativity and expression.

Inclusive well-being practices for athletes and artists

Engage with our community programs designed to inspire and uplift through art, culture and wellness. 

What A Few Clients Are Saying 

Crystal provided a judgement free space to overcome a few of my own fears. Working with her in person I began feeling comfortable creating music in front of an audience. I was challenged in person through exercises that required more attention to detail of my craft more than the attention of others around me. I was in my zone just as I would do alone in my room. The final product ended up being something I was actually pleased with. 


That is a big step for me. To be able to not only move past performance anxiety, but also to create something that withstood my harsh self judgement. Checked two boxes today! Highly recommend a clarity session.

Central FL

Xavier Edwards- Videographer & Producer

How long does each therapy session take?

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