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Hey there! 

ARTLETIK is a hub for artists and athletes to reclaim themselves and grow by blending creativity, wellness, and social change. I'm Crystal McDougle, also known as Crystal Jené, and I'm the driving force behind ARTLETIK.

My journey started with witnessing human rights issues, leading me to explore liberation work after graduate studies. I found joy in mental health through Expressive Arts and its transformative power. As I unraveled my identity, I needed a space to express my passions. By weaving together my life experiences, I created ARTLETIK. I'm on an active journey of reclaiming my well-being, history, agency, and sense of community.


As a former Division 1 Track and Field athlete, I know the grind and mental battles athletes face. In college, my emotional struggles affected my performance and self-relationship. This pushed me to explore my mental health and overcome limiting beliefs. Reconnecting with the arts through modeling, writing, podcasting, painting, and dance helped me reclaim my health and reconnect with myself! I realized athletes are unique in how we process experiences, seeing sports as an art. I'm passionate about helping athletes heal and advocate for support systems.


Growing up, I played the violin and piano, which gave me a solid foundation in music. Dance took this further, helping me connect deeply to music and trust my body. Through dance, I loved exploring spacial grounds, expressing emotions, and creating stories with music, setting, and costume. I didn't realize then how much the arts would shape my health and cultural views. Now, I deeply appreciate how these experiences influence my current work.

Social Work:

After gaining a global perspective in South Africa and witnessing the power of community principles and task sharing, I've broadened my outlook. I now inspire innovative thinking. Currently, I am engaged with integrating social work in sports, arts, and culture through a liberation-focused approach.

How long does each therapy session take?

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